Welcome to my website! Here you can find a portfolio of my projects in nonlinear machines, and also some of my other work and leadership experience. My areas of interest include:  

  • Sustainable engineering & Offshore renewable energy
  • Efficient structures & Structural health monitoring
  • Research at the interface of Machine design, Physical modeling, & Experimentation
  • Nonlinear dynamics & Random vibration

Please contact me for a copy of my resume.

Graduate Research Projects


Combined Floating Wind Turbine - Wave Energy Converter

My PhD thesis was about optimizing a combined floating wind turbine - wave energy converter machine to reduce the total cost of energy.

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Ring nonlinear load cell

As a side project, I've designed a load cell with 1% resolution over a 5-orders-of-magnitude force range (e.g. a scale that functions from 0.01-1,000 N) using a nonlinear ring flexure.

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Hydrokinetic Wells turbine

A subproject of my PhD was designing and testing a hydrokinetic Wells turbine for powering an ocean uranium collector.

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Nonlinear vibration energy harvester

For my master's project, I developed a nonlinear energy harvester with superior robustness compared to traditional harvesters that a person could use to charge a cell phone while walking.

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Nonlinear load cell

As a graduate student, I developed the theory for a load cell that can maintain a high resolution over an applied force that spans five orders of magnitude.

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Power electronics

As part of my PhD power electronics minor, I designed and built a linear vibration harvester prototype for charging batteries.


Human motion data

The nonlinear vibration energy harvester project used experimentally-recorded accelerations of a person's foot and hip while walking. You may download the acceleration signals from this webpage.

deGUI App

App for visualizing nonlinear differential equations

I designed this application to help students visualize the behavior of nonlinear systems. The app plots the system time series and phase portrait.

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Undergraduate Research Projects



For my senior design project, I studied how to optimize the shape and size of blunt body oscillators that form arrays for wind power generation in cities.

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Solar Ovens

As part of an undergraduate student team at Cornell, we worked on designing a prefabricatable solar oven for a Nicaraguan group to ship to customers in Central America.

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Reduced-emissions stove

As an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Prof. Alessandro Gomez at Yale University in Summer 2010, I fabricated the first protoype of an open-flame cook stove for developing countries with a shape that enhanced particle mixing and reduced toxic emissions.

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Other Experiences


Engineers for a Sustainable World

As an undergraduate at Cornell, I helped lead this student organization to promote environmental sustainability in the community.

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Intern at Celtic Energy, Inc.

In the sumer of 2011, I assisted Celtic in helping businesses and governments reduce their energy consumption.

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Volunteer in Nicaragua

In summer 2009, I volunteered with the NGO AsoFenix in Nicaragua. With another volunteer, I helped improve the productivity of biodigestors and surveyed community members for their interest in and suitability for improved open-flame cookstoves.

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