I am a Physical Modeling Library Developer at The MathWorks for the Simscape Driveline and Fluids products. I recently developed the Flexible Shaft with bending compliance, which uses speed-dependent eigenmodes for computational efficiency.

My research interests are: Combating climate change by designing better renewable energy machines by leveraging computationally efficient modeling and machine learning, with a focus on nonlinear structural dynamics and control, synergistic structure combinations, and biomimetic design.

Past Projects summary: I worked on the Vibro-Wind and Solar Ovens projects as an undergraduate student at Cornell University (Class of 2012). I studied at MIT from Fall 2012 - Spring 2017 as a member of the PERG Lab and SAND Lab. My master's degree research project was on studying nonlinear system vibrations for optimizing the electric power generated by a device carried by a person while walking or running. While working on the ambulatory vibration project, my advisors and I applied the nonlinear mechanism to a load cell that can function with high resolution over a 5 order-of-mangiutude range, two orders of magnitude more than typical linear load cells. My Ph.D. project focused on optimizing a combined ocean wave power generator - floating wind turbine with the goal of reducing total energy cost. The project involved nonlinear dynamics modeling, optimization, and several wave tank experiments.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. June 2017
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. 2014
Cornell University, B.S. 2012