I am a PhD candidate in the mechanical engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My academic interests include nonlinear dynamics and machine design. I am interested in applying these studies to projects related to environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. I worked on the Vibro-Wind and Solar Ovens projects as an undergraduate student at Cornell University (Class of 2012). I began studying at MIT in Fall 2012 as a member of the PERG Lab and SAND Lab. My master's degree research project was on studying nonlinear system vibrations for optimizing the electric power generated by a device carried by a person while walking or running. While working on the ambulatory vibration project, my advisors and I applied the nonlinear mechanism to a load cell that can function with high resolution over a 5 order-of-mangiutude range, two orders of magnitude more than typical linear load cells. My PhD project focuses on optimizing a combined ocean wave power generator - floating wind turbine with the goal of reducing total energy cost. I plan to graduate with my PhD in 2017.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. expected in June 2017
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. 2014
Cornell University, B.S. 2012